Ministers statements: SUBURBAN RAIL LOOP

Mr CARROLL (Minister for Industry and Employment) (14:37:19) — I rise to update the house on how the Suburban Rail Loop will make it easier for hardworking Victorians to get to key industry and employment precincts. On this side of the house we know how critical it is to have easy access to world‑class jobs, TAFEs, universities, schools and hospitals. The Suburban Rail Loop project will create 20 000 jobs and some 2000 apprentices will be guaranteed work through our Major Projects Skills Guarantee. We will maximise industry participation, ensuring local jobs and small businesses get easy access and good access to help build this city‑shaping infrastructure that will also help shape young people’s lives in the future.

The network will circle Melbourne, connecting every major railway line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line to Melbourne Airport. Twelve new underground stations will connect the Monash, Latrobe, Sunshine and Werribee employment clusters with precincts such as Box Hill, Burwood, Broadmeadows and Melbourne Airport.

Not everybody agrees with the Suburban Rail Loop though. Travel from Box Hill to La Trobe University is estimated to take approximately 10 minutes and Box Hill to Monash University is estimated to take around 13 minutes — and the Minister for Health outlined the important heart hospital that is being built.

I have got a copy here of the Whitehorse Leader from last week, and I quote:

It is one of the most irresponsible approaches to public policy that I have ever encountered …

Who said that? There he is: the attorney‑general for Ventnor said it, Speaker, that is who said it. We will not be lectured to on public policy by the attorney‑general for Ventnor.

Mr Clark — On a point of order, Speaker, the honourable member is getting very agitated and has departed a long way from making a ministers statement. I ask you to bring him back to complying with sessional orders.

The SPEAKER — I uphold the point of order.
The minister has strayed from making his statement. I ask the minister to refer to members by their appropriate titles.

Mr CARROLL — I could not have written the script any better myself, thank you, member for Box Hill. We are creating jobs, we are helping people, we are supporting peoples’ futures, we are making sure our steel industry is strong and we are getting on with the job.