Ministers statements: employment policy

Mr CARROLL (Minister for Industry and Employment) (11:31:08) — I rise to inform the house that the Andrews government’s Local Jobs First legislation has now passed the Parliament, which will be a real game changer for local industry and local employment. I had the great pleasure of joining the Premier and the Minister for Public Transport only yesterday down at the Metro Tunnel works at the City Square. This is an incredible project; indeed we had experts from the UK over to see what we are doing down at the City Square at the future Town Hall station.

Our Local Jobs First legislation will be a game changer for industry but a game changer too for local apprentices. It was the Andrews government that introduced the Major Projects Skills Guarantee, mandating 10 per cent of all work on our major projects should go to apprentices, engineering cadets and other young people. But more than that, we have got our social procurement framework as well that is providing a real dividend to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them real important work and an opportunity not only to shape their own lives and shape their own futures but to also shape Victoria’s future.

This legislation, at the heart of it, is all about ‘Victorian‑made’. We should be very proud that manufacturing continues to grow in our state. We should be very proud of what we are doing as a government to support industry and to support workers — to put them front and centre of our major projects. I am very proud as the Labor industry minister to have seen this legislation pass through Parliament. I thank the Premier for his leadership and support on this important, integral legislation. What it means is enshrining in law our Major Projects Skills Guarantee — and also our local content laws — means that no future government can alter it or change it.

For the first time we have got 88 strategic projects underway versus their eight. That is ten times the number of major projects and three times the number of jobs created under this government — in fact, heading towards 350 000. This government is getting on with it. While they snipe, we are getting on with the job — delivering for industry, delivering for local jobs.