Mr CARROLL (Niddrie—Minister for Public Transport, Minister for Roads and Road Safety) (09:35): The role of the principal of a school in the 21st century is one of the most significant undertaken by any person in our society. Today I want to acknowledge several local principals who have left our local school community in the past 12 months but leave a very proud legacy. Peter Rouse from Rosehill Secondary College leaves Rosehill with the brightest of futures, with its $14.7 million investment. Its technology wing is something to be believed. He wrote to me recently after 45 years in education. He has experienced firsthand the positive experience that Labor provides in education.

At Avondale Primary School we farewelled Paul Mulroyan, who also leaves a proud legacy and not only made an impression on me but on the Minister for Education, I know, with his wonderful school council. We wish Paul all the very best for the future.

At Niddrie Primary School we farewelled Greg Peters. Greg is not only a pillar of Niddrie Primary School, but he has been exceptional in the way he has encouraged and developed his young teaching team. In particular I do want to acknowledge the work of assistant principal and acting principal at the time, James Parker, who did a tremendous job during some of Greg’s absences. Greg is a pillar of the community, and we know at the Airport West Football Club and Airport West Cricket Club it is great to see he will be volunteering more time there.

On a sad note, I do want to acknowledge Robin Adamson from Essendon Keilor College, who sadly passed away. Robin made a very big impression on me when I was first elected to get the big investment in Essendon Keilor College, one of our schools with the most disadvantaged students.

Finally, can I also acknowledge Heather Hawkins, who has shifted from the Airport West campus to the Essendon campus, as well as Ann Turner-Calleri from Keilor Heights Primary School.