Mr Baillieu, Make Victoria Count

Ted Baillieu’s refusal to sign up to the trial of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is yet another example of the Premier either doing nothing or getting it completely wrong.

He is putting politics ahead of people.

The Premier is baulking at a figure of $44 million over 4 years. This means thousands of Victorians living with a disability and their carers will now miss out on desperately needed support that will be provided to those in South Australia, the ACT, Tasmania and even Western Australia.

While Mr Baillieu and Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge are on record expressing strong support for the NDIS, their decision to play politics rather than negotiate an outcome on this vital reform is a disgrace.

Victoria’s most vulnerable people and their dedicated carers deserve better from this Premier than cheap political point scoring.

Now is the time for Mr Baillieu to show some leadership and ensure Victoria does not miss out on this desperately needed reform.

Tell Mr Baillieu the NDIS is too important to play politics. Sign the petition now.