Crackdown on puppy farming

Ben has welcomed the announcement that Victorian Labor will crack down on puppy farms and introduce tough new measures to support animal welfare.

If elected in November, Labor will provide the RSPCA with additional resources to tackle puppy farms and toughen up their inspectorate capacity to deal with animal cruelty. Labor will also work with the RSPCA and local councils to address this issue.

As an animal lover and the doting owner of schnauzer Tess, Ben believes that puppy farming is a disgusting practice that cannot be allowed to continue.

Labor will amend the code of practice for dog breeding businesses to ensure female dogs cannot have any more than five litters and reinstate mandatory breeding vet checks.

Under Labor pet shops will only be able to sell puppies that are supplied from animal shelters or Code compliant facilities.

The Napthine Government had the opportunity to smash the puppy farm business model but broke their promise.

Dogs shouldn’t be breeding machines, yet veterinarian Denis Napthine seems to think otherwise.

Only Labor will protect dogs from a lifetime of misery in puppy farms.

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