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Baillieu Fails To Rule Out Shutting Down VicHealth

The Baillieu Government has failed to rule out shutting down VicHealth, a recognised world leader in health promotion, following media reports that the controversial option was included in the Vertigan report which has been considered by cabinet. Shadow Minister for Health Promotion Danielle Green said..

Baillieu’s Environment Policy Free Zone

After almost two years in government Mr Baillieu has succeeded in taking Victoria’s environment backwards essentially vacating the environment policy area, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Lisa Neville said today. Ms Neville said the Baillieu Government had failed to produce a clear..

Baillieu Secret Cash Grab On Concession Card Holders

Premier Baillieu has deceived Victorian concession card holders by cutting a portion of financial concessions from their household utility bills. This is despite the Baillieu Government’s key election promise to reduce the cost of living for all Victorians, Shadow Minister for the Cost of Living..