Travis Berketa’s Book Launch – ‘Jack Majors: Superhero.’

I rise to congratulate Travis Berketa, a constituent of  mine.  Travis has written and published his third book, Jack Majors: SuperHero, which I will have the  pleasure of launching tonight at a function at St Bernard’s College in Essendon. I have known Travis for many  years. I had the good fortune of attending St Christopher’s Primary School in Airport West and St Bernard’s College with him.

Travis is a father, a teacher and a passionate writer, who hopes to share his many and  varied stories with the world. Travis is currently teaching at Brunswick North Primary School. Jack Majors: SuperHero is Travis’s third book; however, it is his first book aimed at young people.  His first two books were adult crime fiction thrillers.

In 2007 Travis published his first book, Dark Heart – Images of a City, which he wrote while teaching at Stawell West Primary School. This was followed in 2010 by Dark Heart – Angels in the City.

I was pleased when our paths crossed recently and Travis advised me of the latest book he published. Over the past week of state Parliament I have managed to read Jack Majors: SuperHero, and it is a real page-turner aimed at teenagers and young people. I recommend the book to any students who want  some entertaining reading dealing with interesting subjects such as growing up, a boyhood crush or just feeling like you do not fit it. I congratulate and  commend Travis on his third book, and I wish him every success in his writing and teaching in the future.