St John Bosco’s School: fete

I rise to congratulate St John  Bosco’s School  on its successful fete held on 24 November, which I had the privilege of attending. The objective of the fete was to raise funds to rubberise the school’s playground to make it safer  for  students to play on.  The  fete was very enjoyable,  with  a variety of live entertainment, rides and stalls.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the very hard work of the St John Bosco’s Parents  and  Friends  Association,  in  particular  parents  Angela  Santopoli, Katerina Rintoule and Cathy Pannunzio. I also wish to acknowledge the volunteers who during their own  time went  out and letterboxed almost 10 000 households to raise awareness of the fete. I  am  proud to report to the house that  the  fete raised almost $57 000 for the installation of a rubber playground surface and was successful in another  way, bringing  the  whole  community together to support this very  community-focused school.