Moon Lantern Festival, Keilor East

On Saturday evening I had the privilege of attending the Moon Lantern Festival at the Centreway in Keilor East. This was a wonderful  night when the  growing Vietnamese population  in  the Niddrie electorate  was able to share its culture with the local community in a healthy celebration of this traditional children’s festival. The celebration included lantern making, active children’s  games, traditional  and cultural performances  of story-telling and song and dance, as well as a candle-lit lantern procession.  The traditional Vietnamese Children’s Moon Lantern  Festival is one of  the most popular  family holidays celebrated in Vietnam. I wish to put on record my thanks to the organisers and supporters of  the  festival:  the  Vietnamese Arts Association, represented by Anh Pham, Yvonne Moon from the Centreway  Traders Association and Moonee Valley City Council, represented by Cr Ange Kenos.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the local Vietnamese community in the Niddrie electorate is now the third largest for country of origin and fourth for language spoken at home. This leads to one conclusion – the Moon Lantern Festival is set to grow stronger year by year.