Ministers statements: employment

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Mr CARROLL (Minister for Industry and Employment) (14:27:52) — I rise to update the house on the number of young Victorians getting important work on the Andrews government’s record infrastructure boom. Over summer we reached a very important milestone: 3500 apprentices, engineering cadets and trainees getting work on our 80 strategic projects — our more than $50 billion of infrastructure spending — a very important milestone. That is 3500 cadets and trainees getting great work experience on the job, getting their ticket and their pathway to the future. They were not the only apprentices doing a bit of work over summer. The favoured apprentice on that side, the member for Kew, was also getting a good go — he has been kicked out of school on the first day back.

Whether it is rebuilding our Education State, whether it is our world‑class transport system, whether it is transforming our health care system or indeed transforming our cultural institutions like the State Library of Victoria, we are going to ensure that every young Victorian has an opportunity to shine and shape our future. Just last week I met student architect Sarah, electrical apprentice Josh and engineering cadet Aiden — young people having a real go. Not one of them was on their phone playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds; they were focused on the job of getting skills and making sure they change and get a real opportunity.

There is only one Victorian they support: the member for Kew. We support 3500 apprenticeships on a record infrastructure boom. We are the jobs powerhouse. We are making sure that young people share in every success of the Andrews Labor government’s record infrastructure boom and that we deliver, deliver, deliver.

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