Ministers statements: Dulux

Mr CARROLL (Minister for Industry and Employment) (11:43:34) — I rise to inform the house that Australia’s and New Zealand’s biggest paint factory has opened in Merrifield in Victoria. Last month I had the great pleasure to join the hardworking member for Yuroke and the hardworking member for Broadmeadows to open up Dulux’s new factory. As big as the playing surface of the MCG, it is creating 60 new jobs. But more than that, it is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. If you have got a small batch of paint jobs that you need to do, say you had just a small job and it needed to be a special room fit for a queen, they have got the Amazon Queen colour, fit for a queen. But if the Knight Kerr Room needed a bit more colour, you have even got Mary’s Garden.

Mr Clark — On a point of order, Speaker, the minister is now departing from making a ministers statement on matters relevant to his portfolio. I ask you to bring him back to compliance with sessional orders.

The SPEAKER — Order! The minister has departed from making a ministers statement. The minister to come back.

Mr CARROLL — The motto is: if you do it once, you do it right, and you do it right with Dulux. We are going into the winter break, and if you have a lazy asset to dress up over the winter break for a Spring Street sale, what would you choose? The member for Box Hill might like to know there are 50 shades of lobster red — incredible! Dulux have even got you covered with lobster red — Luscious Lobster! But it does not end there. The Leader of The Nationals likes his relevance; there is even a Murray Red as well from Dulux. It is companies like Dulux —

Honourable members interjecting.

The SPEAKER — Order! The minister is warned to continue making a ministers statement and not to attack the opposition. The minister to continue.

Mr Battin — On a point of order, Speaker, in relation to holding up a prop, I know they try and say what level they are holding the prop at, but we have actually been thrown out every time someone has held a prop up. To not be biased you must throw out the minister for holding a prop up during the debate.

The SPEAKER — Order! I thank the member for Gembrook for his instructions, but I do not take instructions from the member for Gembrook. The minister is making —

Mr Battin interjected.

The SPEAKER — Order! The member for Gembrook is warned. The minister to continue making a statement.

Mr Burgess — On a point of order, Speaker, you may not take instruction from the member for Gembrook, but you do take instruction from precedent and from precedent you set. You have set a precedent that when anyone holds up a prop in here, you throw them out. You do not get to choose between one side of Parliament and the other side of Parliament when you are setting precedent. So will you explain to this house how you choose between each side of Parliament when somebody holds up a prop and when they throw them out, because you owe this house an explanation.

The SPEAKER — The member for Hastings will resume his seat. I have ruled on the —

Honourable members interjecting.

The SPEAKER — Order! The Attorney-General is warned. I have ruled on the point of order. The minister to continue.

Mr CARROLL — Thanks, Speaker. I am very nervous following the member for Hastings.

Honourable members interjecting.

The SPEAKER (11:47:05) — The member for Warrandyte will leave the chamber for the period of 1 hour.

Honourable member for Warrandyte withdrew from chamber.

Mr CARROLL — We are going to make sure under our government — $120 million in manufacturing. We are getting on with the job.

Honourable members interjecting.

The SPEAKER — Order! The Deputy Premier is warned. The Minister for Roads and Road Safety is warned.

Mr Burgess — On a point of order, Speaker, with the greatest of respect for your position, I think we are starting to approach a situation where that is starting to be called into disrepute, because not only does there have to be seen to be justice in this house, there has to be justice. If you are intending that when anyone disputes your decisions we cannot stand up here or we cannot show some dispute, or if you are just going to throw out one side of the Parliament and not the other, how are we expected to have confidence in the rulings you give?

The SPEAKER — Order! I have ruled on the matter, but just for the benefit of the member for Hastings, there have been a number of cases where members have used props on both sides of the house. Some members have transgressed the previous rulings of the house and other members, including on both sides of the house, have been able to proceed. I do not believe the minister transgressed the previous rulings, and I am happy to explain to members, outside the chamber, the cases that I am talking about. The minister to continue.

Mr CARROLL — We have the most advanced paint manufacturing facility in the world right here in Victoria. It is a decked out with industry 4.0, and there are 60 new jobs. We are very proud of this investment. If you do need to dress up any lazy assets over the winter months, do it once, do it right, do it with Dulux.