Ministers statements: apprenticeships

 Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Mr CARROLL (Minister for Industry and Employment) (11:42:27) — I rise to update the house on the Andrews government’s record investments in infrastructure and the opportunities it is providing for our apprentices, giving young people an opportunity to shine and to shape our city on our record infrastructure game‑changing investments, whether it be building the education state through the member for Mordialloc’s support of the Beaumaris Secondary College; building the best healthcare in the nation through the support of the member for St Albans and the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital; the West Gate tunnel, supported by the member for Williamstown and the member for Footscray; or the Metro Tunnel, where the Premier, the Minister for Public Transport and I went to meet the apprentices today. It is a game changer. As the Premier said, it is going to provide 790 apprenticeship opportunities. There is only one apprentice on that side, we all know, who is the focus over there — the member for Kew.

The apprentices we spoke to today realise the opportunity they are getting on these infrastructure investments — whether it is the Metro Tunnel or the State Library of Victoria, these are transformative projects. But they are not easy projects; they are a bit difficult as well. It is a bit like the Young Liberal Movement presidency over there. There was a bit of a challenge over the weekend, but you have got to push through and challenge. I am very proud to be part of a government that has got the backing of our apprentices. We are making sure that we are training the future of our workforce for tomorrow, so they are able to immerse themselves in a project for the 21st century.

Speaker, can you imagine: we are delivering 80 strategic projects versus their eight. With the chaos of the Baillieu‑Napthine‑Shaw governments, we saw 80 versus eight. They like to include the Bendigo Hospital in their projects, but that is something that is up for debate. While we are getting on with delivering, and we are delivering the next generation of apprentices, they are still working out who is going to be the next generation of the Young Liberals. Let us let the member for Kew have another opportunity to shine.

The SPEAKER — Order! The time for question time has expired.

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