Members Statement – Essendon Airport


Mr CARROLL (Niddrie) — Today is a desperately sad day in my community, with the confirmation that a plane with five passengers did crash at Essendon Fields shortly after take‑off before 9.00 a.m. I very much remember back in 1993 when a plane crashed in Gilbertson Street, Essendon, miraculously that had 10 survivors — but today’s events will really resonate with the local community. My condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. Only last Saturday I and my wife were shopping at the DFO not far from where the plane crashed.

I want to put on record that my thoughts are with the family members of the deceased and their loved ones. I also want to put on record my thoughts and prayers for the emergency workers who are there on the scene right now, as we speak, and also my thoughts for the first emergency responders and the whole community out in the north‑west. I will work very closely with the member for Essendon, the member for Pascoe Vale and also the federal member for Maribyrnong to do what we can as a state government to ensure the safety of our local community.