Members Statement – Government Achievements

Mr CARROLL (Niddrie) — I rise today to mark the first anniversary of the Andrews Labor government and its wealth of achievements for the great state of Victoria. Since coming to office last November, after four years of coalition inaction and false promises, we have been getting on with the job and not taking our mandate for granted. From cracking down on puppy farms to ending the attacks on our paramedics, this government has stuck to its promises. The most important infrastructure project is now underway — the Melbourne Metro rail project. It will be a vital valve release for our overstretched public transport network. As the Premier himself has said:

Melbourne Metro rail will be a part of our future.

And deadly level crossings will be a part of our past.

The Andrews government has set a shining example for Australia with the establishment of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which will assist us in tackling an issue that has for too long been in the shadows. In addition we are legalising medicinal cannabis to help those with serious illnesses live with the decent quality of life they deserve.

In my own electorate of Niddrie one of the most run‑down schools, Essendon Keilor College, is finally getting the $10 million it deserves. I have been working closely with principal David Adamson. I look forward to seeing the Niddrie campus rebuilt, new science rooms at the Keilor East campus and a new performing arts centre at the Essendon campus. The appointment of an architect is imminent. I am looking forward to delivering on this key achievement in the Niddrie electorate.

There is also the CityLink‑Tulla widening project, and the removal of the Buckley Street level crossing, which I am working to deliver with the member for Essendon — an outstanding local member. The Melbourne Metro project will see important new train lines delivered. This will be an outstanding achievement serving the people of Melbourne’s north‑west. I look forward to the next three years of the Andrews government.