Essendon Keilor College: funding

I rise to call on the Napthine government to provide  funding for Essendon Keilor
College, Niddrie campus, years 7 to 10, in the upcoming state budget, which will be delivered on 7 May.

On 6 April 2011 the Minister for Education told the Age:

…the conditions out at that school –

Essendon Keilor College —

are disgusting, they are not safe for teachers, they are not good for those students

In September 2011 the Minister for Education visited the school to inspect the very poor condition of the buildings for himself. On 22 May 2012 he subsequently told the Parliament:

I know the school. It is a good school, and it will certainly be part of
our future budget considerations when we are working up to next year’s budget
in terms of capital commitments.

I now call on the minister to fulfil his commitment and consider Essendon  Keilor College for a capital upgrade in the state budget for 2013-14 to be announced on 7 May.

In my inaugural speech to the Parliament on 18 April 2012 I said my immediate task was the implementation of the Essendon Keilor College master plan.

It is difficult to inspire students on the relevance and importance of education when the school buildings around them are falling down.

Indeed on 3 November 2011 the Herald Sun published a report, which was based on documents obtained through freedom of information that asserted that Essendon Keilor College was the state’s most run-down school, with over 1300 items requiring attention. I call on the Minister for Education to provide funding that sends the college’s students the message that their school matters, their education matters and their futures matter.

On 24 March I attended the centenary celebrations of Essendon High School, which is now part of Essendon Keilor College. For Essendon  Keilor College to provide another 100 years of quality education it is imperative that it be provided with funding in the upcoming 7 May state budget.