Constituency Question to the Minister for Public Transport

Mr CARROLL (Niddrie) — (Question 118) My constituency question is for the Minister for Public Transport. Our taxi industry has experienced rapid change and lots of reform following the Fels inquiry and the former government’s legislative reforms that were pushed through the Parliament. During the last Parliament we saw a breakdown of communication between the taxi industry and the former government, with regular protests from industry participants, including wheelchair accessible taxi licence holders, drivers and general licence holders. By any measure, there was upheaval in the industry following the Fels inquiry and the legislative reforms pushed through by the former government.

In the lead‑up to last year’s state election Labor promised it would establish a taxi and hire car industry ministerial forum to restore confidence and cooperation across the industry, bringing together regulators, industry participants and consumers around one
table. On behalf of local drivers and taxi licence holders in my electorate, I ask the minister to provide an update on the promised taxi stakeholder forum.

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