Calder Freeway Noise Wall

Mr CARROLL (Niddrie) — I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Roads. The action I seek is the construction of a new freeway noise wall along the Calder Freeway where it interfaces with Fullarton Road, Airport West. I recently presented to the minister and showed to him photos of the existing decrepit and damaged wooden freeway wall that clearly show what a sad state the existing Calder Freeway wall is in. Its use‑by date has well passed. Issues concerning the Calder Freeway and Fullarton Road will not be new to the minister, and I take this opportunity to thank him for his assistance in addressing concerns I raised in this place on 19 September last year concerning safety issues along Fullarton Road, Airport West. Following the minister’s intervention the dangerous bus stop on the westbound side of Fullarton Road bus stop has been relocated and the installation of a guardrail has begun on the residential side of Fullarton Road. I thank the minister for his assistance on these two matters.

However, when visiting the Fullarton Road site recently I was dismayed to see that the freeway noise wall that separates Fullarton Road from the Calder Freeway recently sustained serious damage, with local residents reporting that the gaping hole in the aged wooden wall has been covered only by temporary chicken wire for weeks. When compared with sound walls along other major roads, such as EastLink and the Craigieburn bypass, the old grey wooden fence that lines the Calder Freeway throughout my electorate is an eyesore. The low height and degree of damage render the Fullarton Road noise wall unfit to block out sound or improve the local vista and amenity. I urge the minister to investigate the replacement of this old, decrepit and damaged Calder Freeway noise wall to the same quality and visual amenity of sound walls in the eastern suburbs and other parts of Victoria.

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