Brimbank Park Playscape

Mr CARROLL (Niddrie) — I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Environment and Climate Change. The action I seek is for the minister to provide a necessary and additional $500 000 in funding to Parks Victoria to complete stage 2 of Brimbank Park playscape in Keilor East. I also request that the minister provide the local community with a time line for when all works originally designed for the playscape will be completed.

In my inaugural speech to the Parliament on 18 April 2012 I highlighted the importance of Brimbank Park to the community of Melbourne’s north‑west. It is home to more than 150 Aboriginal archaeological artefacts, some of which are over 30 000 years old. In fact Wurundjeri elders gave their time and shared their stories and culture through the development of the playscape. The recent addition of the innovative and creative playscape will help make Brimbank Park an even bigger drawcard for local families and many beyond Melbourne’s north‑west.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the government, in particular Parks Victoria, on the
$1 million playscape at Brimbank Park, which opened to the public earlier this year. The children’s charity Variety, the People and Parks Foundation and the John T Reid Charitable Trusts were funding partners and contributors. The nationally recognised team of designers, comprising ACLA Consultants in partnership with Ric McConaghy Pty Ltd, deserves enormous credit for the layout of the playscape, which caters for children of all abilities, including children in wheelchairs, and which blends so well into the natural and cultural heritage of Brimbank Park.

I have visited the Brimbank Park playscape on many occasions since its opening in February, and it has certainly become a great spot for the local community. However, a growing chorus of local families have approached me to ask when all works originally planned for the playground will be completed. The Brimbank playscape is in a unique location right next to the Leaping Lizard Cafe, which has toilets and is a great spot to have a coffee and something to eat or to stock up for a picnic nearby.

The community is keen to get started on stage 2, with the original plans for the playground including a flying fox, big slides and climbing pyramid nets. These designed and planned additional elements will cater for older kids. Indeed on the popular website Melbourne Playgrounds it is noted that the Brimbank Park playscape is mostly suited to younger kids with a few exciting elements for older kids. Investing in providing these additional elements will help ensure that the space is exciting, engaging and functional for all local children, encouraging healthy outdoor activity and enhancing the park’s recreational use. On behalf of local mums and dads, I urge the minister to provide the $500 000 needed to get stage 2 of this project completed.

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