Napthine Refuses To Reverse Ted’s TAFE Cuts

New Premier Denis Napthine today told parliament he would not reverse the damaging cuts made to Victoria’s TAFE system, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews said despite installing a new leader in Denis Napthine, it was clear in question time that the Liberal National Coalition was still committed to the $300 million cuts to TAFE made last year.

“Victoria got a new Premier last night, but we are all still stuck with the same government which doesn’t value TAFE at all,” he said.

“Today I asked Mr Napthine, who became Premier after deposing of Ted Baillieu last night, if under his leadership would the government revisit Mr Baillieu’s damaging $300 million cuts to vocational education and training.

“Unfortunately, the answer was no – the money will not be reinvested in our TAFEs. Mr Napthine, like Mr Baillieu before him, will not support TAFE in Victoria.”

Shadow Skills Minister Steve Herbert said the decision by the current Napthine Government not to reassess the dodgy policies of the Baillieu Government was a mistake.

“Instead of using the mid-term toppling of Ted Baillieu to reverse his damaging cutbacks in TAFE, Mr Napthine showed it is still business as usual,” Mr Herbert said.

“We already know that thousands of TAFE teachers and staff have been sacked or are likely to lose their jobs, students have written to us saying their fees have skyrocketed or their courses cut, and we know that these cuts are hurting regional Victoria the most.

“But despite all this, Mr Napthine today confirmed in parliament that, like Mr Baillieu before him, he will continue to gut TAFE.”