Carroll demands action on intersection

Carroll demands action on intersection at Newman Street & Keilor Road, Niddrie


Member for Niddrie Ben Carroll has today written to Victoria’s Transport Minister to demand action on the notorious and dangerous intersection at Keilor Road and Newman Street, Niddrie where vehicles enter and exit the Calder Freeway.

“I want VicRoads to install traffic lights or a roundabout at this intersection, which at present is a major safety hazard for motorists,” Mr Carroll said.

“I’m worried that if we wait any longer there will be fatalities.”

The intersection sees the on and off ramps to the Calder Freeway meet the busy Keilor Road on a steep hill at a T-intersection, while Newman Street on the opposite side adds an additional layer of complexity. In particular, drivers turning right from the off-ramp need to watch in three directions for traffic, but also have their view impeded by the slope of the road.

“From personal experience, driving to my office on Keilor Road, I often witness just how dangerous this intersection can be,” he said.

“Countless residents have told me that they regularly avoid it, choosing to take the long way home. I can say with certainty that I do the same.”

Local business owners located on Keilor Road opposite the intersection have also raised their concerns, saying there are at least ‘three to four close calls a day’, and at least one accident a week.

When Mr Carroll visited the site on Monday, the aftermath of yet another accident was on display, with a wrecked car left off to the side of the road.

In his letter to Transport Minister Terry Mulder, he explained that residents are tired of waiting for something to be done.

“This has been a black-spot for regular accidents for far too long,” he said.

For more information, please see attached letter to Minister Mulder.